Monday, September 1, 2008

Get a Handle on It.

Above is a photo of a response piece I made in August.

Create a response piece to the experience of Orientation.
Time Limit: 2 weeks
Setting: At home, individual, to be shared in class

Once again, I began with an object and created around that. I first found the handle that is located in the middle of the package. I then found the package and decided to assemble a product. Objects and products is a topic that I have made artwork about before as an artist. To make more of a product I decided that I needed to add a "pretty" element to it, so I added a background of flowers. As a final touch I wrote on the white poster board around the handle about the uses and instructions for this "product," some of which are funny and definitely metaphors for how I hope to navigate through the process of becoming an art therapist.

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