Friday, September 26, 2008

Unlikely Landscape

Create an artistic response to an article assigned for reading in class.
Time: one week notice
Setting: Made at home for Art Therapy class - Clinical Applications

I began by reading the articles and trying to decide what stood out for me. The articles to choice from were:
  1. "Using Art in Counseling: Ethical Considerations" by Hammond, L. and Gantt, L.
  2. "Confidentiality Reexamined: Negotiating Use of Art by Clients" by Susan Spaniol
  3. "Strugglingn for Power and Influence" by Kottler, J.
I decided to go with a quote from the last article, which was "growth occurs spontaneously." I think this is an important concept to remember as a therapist. This piece, made out of plaster, represents a landscape where growth occurs spontaneously.

I began the making of the piece by pouring plaster into a tofu container, then I threw in a few pieces of trash and wood. When dry, I pulled the piece out of the mold and painted it. I then added a seed and a real flower that I found to represent some of the growth.

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