Friday, August 15, 2008

Arts Cafe Response piece

This piece of artwork was a response piece created during an Arts Cafe during my Orientation at Lesley University. There were no directions or limitations, other then it need to be ready to exhibit the following day.

I started by choosing my materials. I decided to limit them to a piece of poster board 24" x 24" and markers due to space constraints. I sat on the floor in the back of the room, which was set up with a stage for performers. I began thinking, but before I could get catch up in an idea music began. And then performers of poems, music and dance began. I thought about the body parts needed to perform and began tracing my legs and hands. Then I created a mouth and finger tips. Then patterns began emerging and filling up the forms. Finally I became too engaged and stopped this piece and was able to perform a haiku.

It's an incredible experience to be in a creative atmosphere surrounded by others creating. I find this truly inspiring, uplifting and freeing. I wonder how I will be able to create this environment for my clients and myself.

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