Monday, September 22, 2008

Office Space

Directive: Create an image of your office space and what you would include in that space (does not have to be literal, can be qualities that you wish to bring into the office setting)
Time Limit: 15 min.
Setting: Classroom "Theories of Art Therapy"
Materials: oil pastels and paper

The art experience came was inspired by an article we read for this class (The Art Room as Container by Gilroy & McNeilly)
I began with the outer shapes, as I thought about softness and clouds, and how to make the client feel safe. I then added a stage for the clients to bring their work. Next I added a bookshelf as a holding space for wither artwork or feelings. Finally I defined the space in the middle and added clouds and 2 helping hands.

Some aspects that I tried to represent in my drawing as characteristics that I would bring to my office space as an art therapist are:
  • a holding space
  • a stage or platform for issues
  • Space in general
  • transparency (allowing the patient to know their treatment is progressing)
  • Boundaries
  • Softness or compassion
  • Helping hands (one that can aid the client in their own healing powers)

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