Monday, August 4, 2008

Self Box

Above: Front of Self Box

Above: Back of Self Box

Above: Inside of Self Box

Above are three different views of my self box.

Create a Self Box. Refer to the article "Secrets, symbols, synthesis and safety: The role of boxes in art therapy" by Farrell-Kirk, R. (2001) in the American Journal of Art Therapy, issue 39 p. 88-92
Time Limit: an afternoon in class time and 1 day following.
Setting: Art Therapy Class (Practices and Principles of Art Therapy)

There are many ideas about boxes and even self boxes. For this one I considered the inside of the box as the inside of my body. The outside of the box as the exterior which is seen and represented to the world. On both sides of my box I choose to represent an archetype of an image that I think people often see me as. The front I choose to represent the way in which I represent myself to the world, while the back holds images and ideas that are actually mine and may not be shown to the world.

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