Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bird Skull

Above photo of an object I made in clay.

Create an object in clay that represents your feelings about being at Orientation
Time: 30 min. for clay, 10 min. for writing, 10min. for sharing
Setting: Outside in group setting with other art therapists

The process began with a guided meditation. We were encouraged to remain present and think about nature, our current environment and what it meant to be there at orientation. I remember hearing birds chirping while our professor lead us through the meditation portion. When that was over we were allowed to find aspace to create. I stayed in my seat for the first 15 min. and then ventured a bit further. I used water toward the end to help smooth out some areas.

After the 30 mins. were up we rejoined a group setting and were instructed to write about the experience. This intermodal transfer from scultping to writing was a great experience to explore some thoughts I had.

Lastly, we were allowed to comment on the process in a group setting facilitated by the professor.

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